Summertime is here again! With the school year almost over, everyone is excited!

James has officially completed his second semester of freshman year! Great job, James!
We're all proud of you!

After lots of thinking, Andew has finally decided to go to Vanderbilt on a full-tuition scholarship!
This year, Andrew is also captain of the boys tennis team and in line to be first
in his class! Wow!

Elena is flaunting her 4.00 GPA for the third marking period and aiming for a repeat
for this one. In her free time, Elena is a member of the Self Defense Club,
Literary Magazine and the United Way mentoring program.

Maria has been amazing these last few months! With all the stress of College
applications for Andew at an end, and pool season approaching, things are looking up!

David has been working on his golf swing, supporting the tennis team and helping
Andrew with some tough decisions! The peppers are about ready to go in the ground!